ESSENTRICS​TM is a full body fitness program designed to stretch, strengthen and tone all 640 muscles, release tight joints, and promote pain relief. 

Created by Miranda Esmonde White, Essentrics is the most successful
fitness series on Public Broadcast (PBS) because it works and is accessible  for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.  Millions of people worldwide are practicing Essentrics and realizing positive benefits from this easy to learn fitness program.

W hy should you make Essentrics an important part of your fitness routine? 

Most people work out to maintain or lose weight, improve their game, or up their energy level, sharpen the mind and improve job performance.  Whether your sport is running, walking, gardening, or simply keeping up with the activities of daily living, you will benefit from adding this unique program to your fitness regimen. 

Once you try Essentrics, you'll find new energy, experience greater tone, your clothes will fit beautifully, you’ll have less pain, and greater movement in your joints.   Check out the BENEFITS for yourself.
Whether you join a class in your local community, or follow Essentrics on PBS, I encourage you to make this dynamic stretch and strengthening program an important part of your daily life.  Making fitness a priority helps your whole body by engaging the neuromuscular systems, plus all of your bones and moveable joints, your 650 muscles plus your full fascial embodiment to help you move With vitality.  For the most complete information about Essentrics visit www.Essentrics.com ​​


You grow stronger, more flexible, and more energized with every ESSENTRICS workout.
Essentrics exercises are a great way to help improve posture and to relieve tension throughout the body.  Specific movements release shoulder, upper and lower back, and hip pain.  Scientifically designed movements can be performed gently, in a very relaxed mode for an unbelievable release of tension throughout the body. 

If you are already fit, and ready to increase your strength for deeper toning, you will be able to achieve your goal by increasing the contractions within the stretch to elongate the muscles.  These scientifically designed movements achieve maximum toning and amazing results in your posture and the shape of your body.  Furthermore, you'll become stronger with that incredible feeling of youthful energy.  Lengthening and strengthening the entire body may even help you recover your posture and your full height!
  • Improves posture
  • Targets & tones all 650 muscles
  • Improves agility
  • Eases joint pain
  • Enhances neurological function
  • Increases flexibility​
  • ​Encourages fascial adjustment
  • Assures greater mobility
  • Improves balance
  • Creates a youthful feeling of energy


Classes in the Quiet Corner and on the Connecticut Shoreline

New Classes in Westbrook CT starting February 2018! 

ESSENTRICS in East Lyme, Connecticut — Stretch & Tone Classes at ​​Eastern Connecticut Ballet School are conveniently located on Route 1 in East Lyme, Connecticut.   NO DANCE experience necessary.

ESSENTRICS in Westbrook, Connecticut - Stretch, Tone and Aging Backwards Rebalance Classes each week.

ESSENTRICS in Woodstock, Connecticut    The Woodstock Senior Fitness classes focus on Rebalance, Realignment with Movement Therapy Classes     Contact Town of Woodstock Recreation Department to register. 

Body By Design Fitness Studio in Woodstock.  Classes every Monday & Tuesday, except December 25.
Register at bdbfitnessstudio@gmail.com

For Personalized Corrective Exercise Therapy Sessions — get special attention to your specific fitness needs, focus on correcting misalignments, or if you are returning to fitness after a sedentary life.  Private, semi-private sessions are a great way to reboot your desire to be fit!
​Body by Design​ —rates and enrollment details can be found here
Eastern Connecticut Ballet School — fill out the contact form on this site, indicate the days
you will attend classes.  NEW RATES effective March 1:   $10; or prepay for 10 classes/$90. 
All prepaid classes must be used during the seasonal sessions; no carry-over.  Bring a friend
get a FREE class.
Town of Woodstock—fees are pre-arranged for residents and non-residents, complete the contact form
 for details
NEW!  Town of Westbrook - classes start February 14th, 2018.  Contact Westbrook Recreation to
sign up.
Private & Semi Private Classes — $50/one hour private Essentrics classes; $75/one hour exercise therapy sessions
Prior to attending class you must sign the waiver form, available by email, or arrive 5 minutes early to complete it
prior to taking classes  Dress requirements — wear workout clothing to move freely, leggings, shorts/t-shirts, proper
supportive clothing, bring a fitness mat of at least 8 mil thickness, towel, and water​​. 
No mat?  Fitness mats can be rented for $1/class


Diane Laurent is a Certified Essentrics Instructor and holds fitness certifications from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA).  A Certified Exercise Therapy Specialist, Personal Fitness Trainer, and IBBFA-Certified Barre Instructor.

Diane discovered Essentrics in 2012 while recovering from knee surgery, a serious foot injury, and frozen shoulder.  She recognized the value of Essentrics as a therapeutic movement program that relieves pain. 

Although pain relief was her initial motivation to practice Essentrics , she quickly realized many other benefits -- improving posture, toning, correcting poor alignment to quickly, and safely transform  the body. 

Diane studied and trained with Master Trainers Erika Vipond, Gail Garceau,
Meg Feeney, and the program's creator, Miranda Esmonde-White at the flagship studio in Montreal, Canada, and New York City.
For the past two years, Diane has provided the Senior Fitness Classes for the Town of Woodstock Recreation Department.  
She teaches Essentrics at the Body by Design Studio in Woodstock, and provides personalized exercise therapy sessions for
private clients, post-PT/OT, and those who prefer personalized attention.

Before injury, Diane was an active participant in a variety of fitness programs, including ballet, Barre, yoga, and Pilates. 
She has had a long career in the healthcare industry.  
Essentrics Creators


Miranda Esmonde White is the founder & visionary behind ESSENTRICS, an effective fitness program with a world-wide following. Many people find Essentrics on their local PBS station, in articles in national magazines, featured on radio, or they attend classes in their communities. 

Miranda has received thousands of testimonials from people of all ages and all fitness levels confirming the benefits of Essentrics and the goals achieved through daily practice.  People who try Essentrics stick with in because the results are real – more muscle tone and strength, greater agility, less pain, and more energy. 


In designing Essentrics, Miranda and her daughter Sahra focused on fusing fitness with a deep understanding of anatomy and the role of a strong postural alignment.  They created an effective movement program that is fun, easy to learn, and accessible to professional athletes, weekend warriors, and couch potatoes alike.  They sought out expert advice from doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and kinesiologists. 

Integrating a keen awareness of modern anatomy, Essentrics movements are enriched with ballet strengthening, healing principles of physiology, and the gentle movements of tai chi.  Sequential movements harness the power of all 620 muscles, and encourage better hydration and movement of the fascia.
Classes are adapted for participants by highly trained instructors who are certified by Essentrics Master Trainers.  Essentrics is only available from a certified instructor who has a deep understanding of the purpose and goal of each movement sequence.  Classes are complemented by precisely selected music.

You can read more about Miranda and Sahra’s work, order the best-selling books "Aging Backwards", or "Pain Free Forever".  You may wish to subscribe to EssentricsTV, order DVDs for home use, or find an instructor near where you live, or vacation.  www.Essentrics.com
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